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Prairie Chicken
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Konza Prairie Trails

Konza Prairie's hiking trails wind through lowland gallery forest, cross Kings Creek, and climb over ancient limestone ledges into the native tallgrass prairie.  At the highest points, enjoy spectacular views of the Flint Hills and the Kansas River Valley.

Six miles of hiking trails are open daily from dawn to dusk.  Experience Flint Hills geology throughout our trail system.  Enjoy a moderate walk with occasional steep climbs, uneven footing and narrow pathways.  To protect the trail and hikers, the trail is occasionally closed during wet conditions or controlled burning.

The nature trails are provided by K-State Division of Biology and Friends of Konza Prairie.  Maintenance of trails depends on voluntary user contributions.  A contribution of $2 is appreciated.

Konza Prairie Trail Map

Please prepare for your visit and review the preserve rules.  Plan to spend a minimum of 2-hours outdoors on the trail.  Consider your ability level and preparedness, the length of your hike and the amount of time you have before the preserve closes.

Konza Prairie's hiking trails begin at the parking area near the main entrance. 

For your convenience, you may view or print our self-guided trail brochures.